Global Hospitality Applications Expert Hotel Innovations Partnership Launched

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Access to hospitality Apps has recently been made available to hotels worldwide by InnSpire. The solutions aim to tie a seamless guest experience together, and introduce contactless guest journey.

InnSpire has recently announced a partnership opportunity for premium hotel groups around the world. The partnership aims to steer hotels in the direction of contact-less services that hope to help them improve their guest experiences in a post-pandemic world. The partnership also aims to provide hotels with data based on guest activity that can help them enhance the guest experience and boost guest spend.

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The newly launched partnership opportunity comes as a result of InnSpire’s commitment to finding innovative ways to improve the hospitality sector. The partnership aims to help hotels utilize the company’s propriety Digital Guest Journey applications to maximize safety and guest satisfaction.

InnSpire aims to demonstrate how its scalable solutions such as Apps, Interactive TVs, Mobile check-in, Room-controls, digitised Room service ordering and much more can offer guests the ability to access virtually all the most vital hotel services from their handeld devices.

The applications aim to help guests check-in, access their rooms, order room service, stream their favorite content, and get customer support in one place. InnSpire refers to the solutions that the applications seek to offer as The Digital Guest Journey.

The company believes that with the risk the pandemic continues to pose, The Digital Guest Journey can help hotels offer their guests the best experience without compromising their safety. This also includes driving guest-spend and providing data based on guest habits.

The data that the Digital Guest Journey seeks to supply can help hotels to focus on improving the overall quality of their services to boost guest reviews. It also aims to allow them to improve the hotel’s spending habits to maximize profits and reduce wastage.

InnSpire has partnered with hotels like Virgin Hotels, ME by Melia, LVMH’s Cheval Blanc, and LUX* luxury hotels and has garnered positive reviews.

The Information Technology Manager for Cheval Blanc Randheli had this to say, “We are delighted to have partnered with InnSpire to create a flawless in-room entertainment environment for our Guests – with access to our extensive media library, full streaming and mirroring capabilities through our immersive connected TV experience, and its user-friendly mobile app.”

The Digital Guest Journey also seeks to help hotels eliminate the use of physical keys and key cards by allowing guests to gain entry to their rooms and adjoining areas by scanning the door with their cellphones through the app.

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