Global Funding Capital Markets AI Technology Platform Launched

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VX Global Inc. has launched a new international funding platform that centralizes funding sources to give clients and interested parties well-informed choices and resources.

VX Global Inc., a fintech firm has launched a new international funding platform called the VX Global Capital Markets Platform. This is intended to help clients organize financial requests and direct them to sources using a combination of technology, human capital, and AI.

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The newly released global platform has been created to help investors and finance personnel by centralizing funding information. Global Capital Markets does not employ crowdfunding but instead provides for seamless placements and debt requests. The agency creates a permanent profile for capital markets and has debt, equity, and acquisition options.

The Global Capital Markets Platform combines human capital with artificial intelligence. This combination of methods creates a unique process to provide clients with multiple options for financing. The platform helps the client stay updated with the most relevant data and also provides templates, searches, and consultancy advice for companies.

The new program is criteria-based so that the client has a complete toolkit in one place, which allows for more in-depth analysis. VX uses elevation techniques and creates a space for decision-making based on expertise, as well as having features such as tracking, an efficient interface, and confidentiality measures.

Clients can choose from four different levels of use and obtain assistance internally while examining market data. The digital agency uses a hatchery system which means that companies can grow through a system that continues to develop with regularly updated resources.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our system allows a deep understanding of the request and a clear path to the offering or financial request. This creates trust with your capital base”.

VX Global is now fully launched and operational. The current databases contain over 75,000 sources and the company provides access to over 300 financial professionals. Interested parties can find more information by visiting

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