Global Community Launched For Programme, Change And Transformation Professionals

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A New Professional Community has been Launched. The Transformation Leaders Hub is a global community of project, programme, change & transformation management professionals.

A new online community has been launched, called The Transformation Leaders Hub. It has been created exclusively for those working in project, programme, change and transformation management, with the aim of assisting networking and growth.

More information can be found at:

The newly launched community is intended to facilitate members to build a stronger, business focused network with their peers. Anyone signing up to the community will get help, guidance and development opportunities, facilitated networking to build relationships with like-minded professionals and access to new career opportunities.

Members are able to create opportunities for each other, likely in the form of new jobs or projects to get involved in. Recruiting organisations have free access to the community, removing the need for external or internal recruiters.

Research shows that building a network is important for business growth. By utilising the newly launched platform, those in the project, programme, change and transformation management fields can take control of their career in new ways.

The Transformation Leaders Hub has been launched by Tony Lockwood, the founder and CEO of Thompson Wright Partners and someone that has over 25 years experience of operating as a programme and transformation leader himself.

As a global community of project, programme and change management professionals, The Transformation Leaders Hub offers a range of benefits. These include facilitated introductions, events, and personalised support.

The Learning Centre is stocked with guides, templates and training to help members build their personal brand to ensure that they are able to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

A spokesperson states: “Ultimately, one outcome of #TLH will be to radically change the way that organisations resource their programme, change and transformation programmes, by providing a platform on which experienced transformation leaders can position themselves in the best possible light.”

Members can clarify and develop their strengths, design their CV and online profiles, and collaborate with others across a range of fields.

Full details of the newly launched platform can be found on the URL above.

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