Glenpool OK Google Ranking Expert Brand And Media Advertising Services Launched

A digital marketing agency based in Glenpool, Oklahoma introduces a new service that lets businesses publish their promotional content on hundreds of high-authority websites.

ARKM Business Solutions launches a new branding and media advertising service that allows businesses to gain significant online exposure on high-traffic websites. Headquartered in Glenpool, the agency is equipped to handle the various requirements of clients within and outside the city in Oklahoma.

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The newly launched service represents the agency’s dedication to putting their clients “in front of the right audience, in the right way, and at the right time.” It starts with developing highly engaging content that highlights the best-selling points of their clients’ business offerings.

As opposed to traditional digital marketing strategies that tend to focus on a single content type for a specific publishing channel, the ARKM Business Solutions’ approach leverages a wide array of content types for maximum marketing impact. Their content and media specialists produce articles, podcasts, slideshows, PDFs, and videos.

With the content variety also comes a longer list of distribution channels that the agency is able to tap. Overall, the service publishes media assets across hundreds of websites from around the world. These include reputable news outlets, relevant blogs, and popular media streaming services.

On the clients’ end, this translates to visibility on some of the most frequented websites today. Brand mentions on such platforms are known to greatly reinforce trust in businesses, especially for the smaller scale, lesser known market players.

On top of this, clients also get to enjoy a steadier stream of organic traffic coming from Google. With backlinks from high-authority domains, the branding and media advertising technique has been proven effective in boosting search engine rankings.

ARKM is a full-service digital marketing agency that facilitates the accelerated growth of their clients through innovative digital marketing solutions. Aside from branding and media advertising, they also have competencies in the areas of brand design and strategy, social media management, social growth, SEO, creatives, paid media, website development, and lead generation and automation.

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