Glenn Daniel Halvorsen Releases Video Review Of Lea-Amdal : Test of Service

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Glenn Daniel Halvorsen releases video review of Lea-Amdal viewable at For more information on Lea-Amdal go to

For people interested in making videos for their Company Marketing.

Glenn Daniel Halvorsen has just released a video review of Lea-Video.

This LeaVideo covers How to make a professional company presentation, so their video marketing is done all by yourself.

It also covers How to automate all your social channels.

This new video company can be viewed at this link:

The owner of Lea-Amdal, Geir Amdal says “Honest reviews of our business are always welcome. They are doing the work that other hate”. This is the main slogan.

In 2021, YouTube and other video platforms steal your video viewers and potential buyers with massive noise and distractions. Customers lose interest in what they came to watch your videos. And their Company has paid so that they come to the video.

Imagine annoying ads from others on their sales videos embedded on their site – even non-revenue generating videos – where they try to steal the hard-made viewers.

Google has had a problem with video players since 2018, where no Youtube videos have auto-play, Display numbers fell by more than 50%. Most viewers do not even click the play button now because there is so much market noise from others.

The company can not even add “Call To Action” forms or email collection forms. Youtube’s Logo Branding on videos embedded on their site. This makes it look like a beginner in terms of marketing, and that the staff is not very creative. Negative effects on their own precious video productions which in turn harm their brand.

Big video uploadings companies take breaks where they suggest other people’s and brand’s videos and try to push them from the hard owned viewers the company made so that they earn more per viewer, their endless scripts that work against the intention the campaign should have.

They also don’t give a real analysis, to keep the company ignorant of the target groups and away from what the real profits should have been. You do not get either the opportunity to customize or use the corporate colors of the player to match your brand. Major changes and content moderations make us all powerless.

These are some of the problems That all video marketers have, and as video cost gets higher and higher, it is good that LeaVideo has the solution for getting all of this in the history books as been there and done that.

It’s easy to embrace their new standing on the service map.

More information about their solution can be found at

Release ID: 89039348