Glendale Plumbing Water Heater Repair And Flush Services Launched

Water heater repairs and inspections from Glendale Plumbing Services come with free estimates and guaranteed work. Free plumbing estimates are also available for most of the Phoenix metro area.

Glendale Plumbing Services, based in Glendale, Arizona, now offers free estimates for all water heater repairs, replacements, or new installations in nearby and surrounding cities. Special discounts on plumbing inspections and water heater flushes are also now available for a limited time.

More information about free repair estimates on water heaters can be seen at:

According to Erie Insurance water heaters can fail on homeowners for any one of several reasons:

Rust. Water heaters are filled with water, so rust will always be a potential problem in units with metal parts.

Sediment Buildup. Water in and around Apache Junction is hard and loaded with various minerals in it. When water is heated up, mineral deposits separate and settle on the bottom. Over time this can build up making the unit less efficient and cause problems later. Flushing the water heater at least annually will help to keep it running clean.

High water pressure. High water pressure can damage pipes and the water heater itself. One way to tell is if there are water leaks around the overflow pipe area. Keep water pressure to no higher than 80 psi. The temperature and pressure relief valve may need replacing as well. An expert plumber can determine if this is necessary.

Poor Air Quality. Water heaters need air for heating. If the air quality is poor, toxic or combustible, the unit will be less efficient or worse, it could explode.

Too Small. If a water heater is too small, it will need to work more than it should. The unit won’t last as long as it could and will break down prematurely from overuse.

Old Age: Like many other appliances, water heaters have a shelf life of about 8 to 12 years. Beyond that is just borrowed time. If the unit is showing signs of age like not heating water as it used to, and it’s about a decade old or more, it might be time to get a new, more efficient model.

Proactive Arizonans replace failing units on their schedule not on the water heater’s schedule which is usually the worst possible time for homeowners. Get a free estimate to repair or replace a water heater by calling (602) 671-0280 or online at:

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