Glendale CA Residential Property/Earthquake Insurance For Homeowners Launched

Brightway, The JT Agency (818-698-8725), has announced the launch of an expanded range of property insurance services for clients in Glendale, Burbank, North Hollywood, San Fernando, and Beverly Hills, California.

The Los Angeles-based independent insurance agency now offers an array of insurance solutions for both homeowners and renters seeking to protect their properties and belongings against damage or theft. The company has broad experience working with residential clients in the area, offering customized policies that fit any budget and lifestyle.

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The expanded service builds on the team’s mission to help people adequately secure their assets against third-party risks at an affordable price. The agency looks for the most suitable policy for each unique situation after discussing in detail the needs of their client.

Brightway, The JT Agency works with a large number of insurance companies, which gives it a huge advantage over competitors and allows for narrowing down the search to find the right policy available.

Clients can choose from a range of property insurance policies, such as homeowners insurance. It safeguards against fire and smoke damage, water overflow, windstorm and hail damage, and theft. This policy does not include coverage against floods, and the agency recommends exploring this option as well, as flood risk for the city is gradually rising due to the increasing sea levels.

Glendale is considered an earthquake-prone area, so adding coverage against this type of disaster as a supplement to the home insurance policy is worth considering. It gives holders peace of mind that they would be eligible for additional living expenses to pay for staying at another location while their property is being repaired.

The agency also offers insurance for personal articles such as valuables and collectibles in case of theft or loss. Those who opt for the additional policy will be compensated for the full value of their jewelry, artwork, antiques, or electronics following an event that requires their repair or replacement.

While landlords usually take care of a building’s insurance, this coverage generally protects only the structure of the apartment, condo, or house. With renters insurance in place, tenants can cover the theft or damage of their personal possessions and protect against liabilities that may take place inside the property due to an accident or negligence.

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