Glendale CA. Nutritionist Chronic Fatigue Digestion Diet Plans Services Launched

Glendale California professional nutritionist Christy Kendall of Ideal Bodies Nutrition announced an updated range of nutrition and lifestyle coaching and applied kinesiology services to help clients suffering from hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue and other conditions.

Ideal Bodies Nutrition, a professional nutrition clinic based in Glendale California, launched an updated range of services to help patients manage chronic fatigue, digestion problems, hormonal imbalance and other conditions. Led by expert nutritionist Christy Kendall, the clinic provides custom nutritional plans, lifestyle advice, applied kinesiology and various other services to help clients achieve their health goals.

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Clients can contact the nutritionist in Glendale, CA for a complete lifestyle and health assessment. Christy undertakes an extensive evaluation of the client’s health condition and goals, working closely with each client to help them develop an easy-to-follow nutritional program based on their specific needs and preferences.

As a professional nutritionist, Christy does not endorse any “miraculous” diets or extreme weight loss regimens. Her approach is based on the idea that each body is unique, clients benefiting from personalized solutions based on sound scientific principles.

As well as offering complete nutrition programs, Christy also employs effective kinesiology (muscle testing) procedures to help clients improve overall wellbeing and achieve their health goals.

The Glendale, CA nutritionist creates custom nutrition and lifestyle programs for clients looking to overcome chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances, digestion problems and other health conditions.

The recent service update is part of Christy’s efforts to provide high-efficiency, safe and reliable services for clients in Glendale and the surrounding areas in California.

A satisfied client said: “I was diagnosed with hypothyroid a year ago and my best friend suggested I see Christy before I do anything else. She put me on a supplement program to handle my thyroid as well as my chronic fatigue. I started to have enough energy to actually exercise and she gave me a list of foods to stay away from that allowed me to drop some weight. I went back for a blood test four months later and my doctor told me my levels were all in normal range. I would definitely recommend Christy’s services.”

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