Glendale AZ Startup Business Funding Custom Financing Strategy Platform Expands

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Visionmap Capital Resources has launched their B.O.S.S. Platform, a program designed to support startup businesses in securing quality business funding with customized goals and solutions.

Visionmap Capital Resources (VCR) a company providing funding to businesses in Glendale and the Greater Phoenix area, has expanded the B.O.S.S. Platform, a program designed to actively assist startups with business funding options. VCR provides small business loans, equipment financing, franchise financing, and other financing services.

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The B.O.S.S. Platform has expanded its reach to serve businesses across industry sectors and locations across Arizona. The platform provides businesses with a customized business strategy plan.

Small businesses and startups make up a growing portion of the economy. In 2020 alone, more than 4 million new businesses were created. However, the most popular method of financing a new business is personal funding. Many new businesses are unable to receive the business funding they require, limiting their potential growth.

Visionmap Capital Resources approves over 85% of applicants for business funding. They recognize the challenges that small businesses face when seeking funding. With their B.O.S.S. Platform, which stands for Business Owners Success System, the company’s strategists work with each business for a full year to offer one-on-one guidance and education on how to get the funding needed for a successful business.

After an initial consultation, each business will be given an individualized Custom Strategic Plan. This plan outlines specific strategies and goals such as separating personal from business credit, increasing personal credit score and business Paydex score, and being ready for large funding opportunities. By working on these goals, businesses are able to access better options for funding and lower interest rates.

With the B.O.S.S. Platform, VCR provide businesses with more than educational resources. They actively guide and assist each business by working together with the business owners. By actively supporting each business, Visionmap Capital Resources lifts the burden of navigating the road to secure the funding they need.

A satisfied B.O.S.S. client said, “I thought that I had exhausted all my options until I called Visionmap Capital Resources. The friendly salesperson introduced me to their B.O.S.S. product and it literally saved me. I now am back on track and the future looks bright.”

With this launch, Visionmap Capital Resources continues their mission of empowering businesses to thrive with their business funding services.

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