Glen Burnie Plumbers & Tankless Water Heater Installation Get Marketing Focus

Helping plumbers attract new tankless water heater customers in Glen Burnie, MD and the Baltimore metro area is the focus of marketing campaigns offered at a 50% discount by TrafficMAX Media.

In response to the growing need for small businesses across the country to immediately transition to increased sales and marketing effort in the wake of an unexpected economic slowdown, TrafficMAX Media now offers Digital Media Placement (DMP) service at a significant 50% discount.

Interested plumbing businesses may review the TrafficMAX DMP service at the company’s website: .

TrafficMAX Media digital marketing agency is headquartered in Towson, MD (in the Baltimore metro area), and is staffed to respond quickly in support of small business customers across all US time zones. The agency states that their proprietary DMP campaigns may be used both to augment any marketing efforts currently underway, or to provide an effective “stand alone solution” for local business digital marketing.

Current focus for TrafficMAX Media is new customer acquisition for local residential contractor businesses including plumbers, electricians, window and door specialists, landscapers, roofers, carpets and flooring and many other home services businesses in the Baltimore metro region.

The agency enables plumbers to attract new customers by publishing and distributing information and news about their plumbing services to a wide array of online publications. Relationships with local, regional, and national media and marketing partners allows the agency to leverage a vast network of distribution outlets including authoritative news websites, influential industry blogs, and well-known video and podcast channels. The TrafficMAX proprietary DMP process enables each plumbing business to completely blanket a market territory with information that attracts new customers and allows the businesses to be easily found online.

CEO Rob Burke founded TrafficMAX Media in 2018 following a career in technology, business operations, and management consulting. His vision is to provide industry-leading digital media marketing services normally only accessible by large enterprises to the increasing number of small to medium-sized businesses with unique sales and growth needs.

Having followed the growth of the internet as an advertising and marketing medium since his days as a young web developer in the mid-1990s, Mr. Burke developed a thorough understanding of digital media’s influence on “buyer behavior”. He notes, “Small business skilled tradesmen time is at a premium. When one’s purpose is helping residential and commercial customers, there’s not a lot of time left in the day to struggle with marketing. The way to acquire new customers and grow,” according to Burke, “is to understand how potential new customers search for, choose, and purchase the products and services they offer.”

According to Mr. Burke, a minimum of effort and input is required of TrafficMAX clients to do this. He notes, “Clients say the biggest benefit of our DMP service is that it requires very little of their time. They just tell us what services they want to sell. We do the rest and report back on progress.”

DMP campaigns can be launched within 5 business days of contacting the TrafficMAX. The agency states that it does not require a “long term” contract. Clients are invoiced monthly. The DMP service may be cancelled at the request of the customer at any time.

Information about how to get started with TrafficMAX can be found on the company’s website: .

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