Glastonbury CT Medically Supervised Weight Loss Metabolic Booster Program Launch

An online weight-loss program that is supervised by a medical professional has been launched by Compass Fat Loss for individuals interested in losing weight from the comfort of their own homes.

Compass Fat Loss, a weight management center based in Glastonbury, Connecticut, launched a medically-supervised weight-loss and metabolic weight-loss virtual program for individuals interested in losing weight from the comfort of their own home with online physician supervision.

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The latest launch aims to provide clients with a convenient weight-loss solution that provides them with a personalized plan to help them lose excess weight and meet their health goals remotely with the support of a health professional online.

As a large proportion of the population is still required to work from home in the current global situation, finding the motivation to keep fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while at home has become increasingly challenging for many.

Compass Fat Loss program fully utilizes cutting-edge technologies and DNA analysis to build a customized weight-loss plan for their clients that fits their lifestyle and provides results. Their method takes into consideration the clients’ nutritional needs, metabolism, hormone levels, and lifestyle to deliver sustainable weight-loss success.

Through the program, which also provides a metabolic booster meal plan, clients can expect to burn 2000-4000 calories per day and regain their stamina.

Clients are consistently supervised throughout the program to ensure they stay on track, and are discharged after reaching their weight-loss goals with the knowledge they have been equipped. They are also welcome to return should they require additional support.

With the latest treatment launch, Compass Fat Loss continues its commitment to guiding clients to a better state of well-being and health in order to be the best version of themselves.

A satisfied client: “One of the things that make Complete Fat Loss different is the focus on fat loss, and retraining you how to eat healthy so that your body can get a metabolic reboot. Over time, I learned how to handle weight-loss stalls and gains, and eventually found a cadence, with coaches guiding you along the way. In 3 months, I have lost 30lbs.”

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