Glance Creative Ltd Are Hiring New App Developers

Glance Creative Ltd are searching for new App Developers who are willing to cover everything from strategy through to development and product launch.

Glance Creative Ltd are an app development company in London who are currently hiring App Developers with a fresh approach and the ability to create award-winning apps. They are looking for passionate individuals who are driven by grasping great opportunities and with those, the potential to create amazing ideas. Full details about the company can be found on the About Us section of the company website,


Glance Creative Ltd CEO, Simon Lee expressed confidence that the company is now ready to employ more app developers, saying:

“Our creative team have been creating award-winning, unique mobile-focused apps for big brands and fantastic startups for over 7 years. We are now at the point of expanding our workforce and want to continue with our success with an even bigger team.”

Among the new responsibilities of the role as an app developer, the main challenges are:

To cover every detail right from the initial strategy through to the design, development and product launch. Once the strategy and design is complete, the team will work together to work in an agile manner to ensure the development of the product runs smoothly. The app developer must ensure they accommodate to any changing priorities, not just at the technical release stages, but also at any stage of the development process.

Simon Lee says, “Our team have produced products which have hit the number 1 spot on the App Store and are regularly in the top 5 for various categories. We are excited to expand our team even further so we can continue to do this and achieve even more!”

Those who have experience with app development are encouraged to apply for the job via their website:

Alternatively, job applications can be made via post to the address and phone number below:

Glance Creative Ltd

Unit 302

Cannon Wharf Business Centre

Pell Street



0203 811 0484

Release ID: 209674