Giving 20% Off all Coatings booked to launch our new Ceramic Paint Coatings

Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing is celebrating the launch of their new Ceramic Coating service in Boston MA area with 20% Off all Coatings.Taking Bookings online

In a slightly different approach to launching its new Ceramic Paint Coating service, Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing, a Car Detailing in Boston MA has decided it will giving 20% Off all Coatings booked, and this is expected to take place through out September.

Where most businesses tend to just Post ads for there full price coatings , Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing has decided to be a little more exciting with the start of its new Ceramic Paint Coating service.

Steve, Owner at Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing, says: “We wanted to be exciting with the launch of our new Ceramic Paint Coating service because We wanted to put our name on the map as the go to place for vehicle paint protection.

It should be really worthwhile and we’re hoping it gives our local customers the opportunity to protect cars from scratches and the elements of winter. It should go great unless its raining on the day of the mobile coating service but don/t worry we have access to a garage and portable car cover to carry out customers ceramic coatings!”

Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing has always made a point of standing out when compared to other Car Detailing companies in the Boston MA area. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways it does so.

This is a great chance for Boston MA residents to protect their investments into their vehicles and help them maintain a glossy clean paint job that will boost the vehicles resale value and support a Dedicated local business.

Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing has been serving the Boston MA area since auto gleam mobile detailing. To date it has served over 136 customers and has become recognized as being professional and highly rated online .They offer a mobile service and are based from 1001 Adams st, Boston MA near Milton MA

Steve also said: “While Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing may not be the only business with this kind of offering, local residents are choosing Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing because We take pride in every car detail. When we service your vehicle we treat it as one of our own and guarantee customer satisfaction with our luxury car detail services.”

When asked about the new Ceramic Paint Coating service, Steve said: “We think it’s going to be a hit because now people will have easier access to protecting there vehicles as we go to them to carry out our services while offering same high quality results as detail shops but at a fraction less of their costs”.

Further information about Auto Gleam Mobile Detailing and the new Ceramic Paint Coating service can be discovered at

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