Girls Doll Stroller Multi-Functional Childrens Adjustable Play Pram Launched

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A new children’s play stroller has been launched by Mommy & Me on Amazon. It has been named an Amazon’s Choice bestseller for girl's strollers and any customers looking for pram for children's toys.

A new children’s stroller has been launched by Mommy & ME Doll Collection, offering customers the chance to buy a multi-function stroller or pram at an affordable price. It is a deluxe doll stroller with 2 in 1 functionality, and can be adjusted up to 32” high.

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The newly launched stroller for kids has multi functionality as a doll stroller or pram. The doll can face the child, or it can be converted in the same manner as an adult stroller, allowing them to see the outside world.

It is 16 inches wide and 24 inches long, with fully adjustable height to cater for children up to eight years old. The stroller is also collapsible, making for easy transportation.

With the click of a button, the newly launched children’s play stroller can be adjusted. The bassinet is removable, and the customer can fold the stroller so that it can be packed in a car or easily carried.

This means that while out and about, the stroller makes for easy transportation. Wherever the parents go, the children can follow complete with their new 2 in 1 deluxe stroller.

Each purchase of the newly launched stroller comes with a carriage bag, bassinet cover, and a basket in the bottom with swiveling wheels. What’s more, the assembly is quick and simple with only minor assembly needed.

A recent happy customer said: “I got this as a gift for my 4 and 6 year old to share for their birthday. I was originally going to get the smaller mommy & me, but decided to spend the extra money and get this one. I am so glad we got this one. It looks so real, and will be big enough for the girls to use even as they get taller. It looks to be large enough for all their baby dolls. They absolutely love it!”

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