Girlfriend Activation System Review Teaches Obsession Story Secrets & Steps Of GFAS V2

Have You Seen Him has launched an updated review of the Girlfriend Activation System (Version 2) to help men demystify the process of getting a girlfriend by naturally attracting the women they want without resorting to manipulative pick-up lines and overly aggressive PUA tactics.

Single men desperate to be with that one incredible woman who occupies every facet of their mind now have a brand new resource for getting the girlfriend they want.  Have You Seen Him has just released an updated version of their popular Girlfriend Activation System review, which details the secret steps behind activating a woman’s “obsession story” and turning her into a loyal, loving, and committed girlfriend.

A full breakdown of the course can be found directly on the website,

The newly updated GFAS V2 course includes a series of 23 video-based training exercises and seminar-style lectures that teach men the specific skills and techniques necessary to be successful with women.  These are designed to take the confusion out of dating and teach men step-by-step how to quickly and easily navigate through relationship phases such as meeting her, getting her number, texting her, kissing her, intimacy, and ultimately forming a committed, long-term relationship.

In addition to the video training and other bonus content, the new version of the Girlfriend Activation System course also includes actual demonstrations with women from the audience, so men can learn essential attraction skills like approaching, body language, delivery, and conversational style which are difficult to master simply by reading a book.

Several well-known relationship experts have contributed their expertise to the course, including Jason Capital, founder of Jason Capital Dating, Nick Sparks, founder of Sparks Of Attraction, David Wygant, founder of David Wygant, Inc., and Alex Allman, founder of Revolutionary Sex.

Have You Seen Him spokesperson, Mike Mayfield, had this to say about version 2 of the GFAS system:

“The Girlfriend System is marketed to men as a step-by-step guide on how to get a girlfriend, but in reality, it’s much more sophisticated than that.  Our GFAS review reveals that what the program really teaches guys is how to become the type of men women are naturally attracted to without resorting to manipulative pick-up tricks, cheesy lines, and other dumb tactics like ‘negging’.”

Mayfield went on to say:

“It’s about becoming a man who magnetically draws women in, not because he manipulates her, but because he develops into a ‘top shelf’ man who is not just successful with women, but successful in all aspects of his life.  It’s an incredibly powerful dating and attraction strategy that only takes a small investment to get started, but has a lasting impact on many different aspects of men’s lives.”

The Girlfriend Activation System is currently available via online access at the official website.  The pre-recorded seminar-style demonstrations can be viewed anywhere that internet access is available through the private member’s area, and lifetime access is included in the price of the course along with both version 1 and version 2 of the program. 

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