Gilbert AZ Teeth Whitening for Discoloration: Cosmetic Dentistry Services Update

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Snow Family Dentistry (480-982-7289) in Gilbert, AZ has updated its cosmetic dentistry treatments, now offering in-house teeth whitening.

Gilbert residents who are looking for professional teeth whitening from a local professional can now schedule an appointment to discuss available options and goals. The treatment promotes general oral health and instantly whitens stained and discolored teeth, providing a more efficient and safe alternative to over-the-counter products.

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There are various reasons why teeth get discolored, and while some causes, like coffee stains, usually aren't signs of any underlying issues, periodontal concerns and other illnesses could cause the brown and yellow discolorations. At Snow Family Dentistry, the practitioners take a preventative approach to all treatments, including teeth bleaching, and will examine to assess if there's a need for any other measures to ensure a bright and healthy smile.

Teeth whitening is a popular over-the-counter product. However, teeth bleaching at home isn't risk-free. According to an article from Boston University Today, store-bought teeth whiteners and the lack of professional supervision could cause gum irritation and the person to overdo the bleaching. The interviewee, Gennaro Cataldo, a professor of general dentistry, also underlines the importance of healthy teeth for efficient and pain-free whitening, something a dentist can help determine before starting the treatment.

The in-house teeth whitening treatment at Snow Family Dentistry takes approximately 90 minutes, and the patient will walk out with significantly whiter teeth. The treatment will also focus on eliminating bacteria to prevent gum diseases or other issues.

Those who prefer to do the treatment at home can get products and instructions to bring home from Snow Family Dentistry. This option costs less, but it takes approximately 10-14 days to achieve desired results. The products for both options are focused on penetrating discolored molecules efficiently without damaging the enamel.

"At Snow Family Dentistry, we are eager to help our patients look their best, feel fully confident, and enjoy the highest standards of oral hygiene," the spokesperson said. "If you are troubled by visible discoloration of your teeth, and if stains on your pearly whites make you less likely to flash a grin, that is when we encourage you to contact us for an initial consultation."

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