Gilbert AZ General Liability Insurance For Commercial Businesses Launched

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Business owners in Gilbert, AZ can benefit from a newly launched general liability insurance service for commercial entities from Insurance Brokers of Arizona, which provides affordable policies.

Business owners in Gilbert, AZ can benefit from a newly launched general liability insurance service for commercial entities. Insurance Brokers of Arizona aims to help business owners across Arizona save money by providing affordable quotes and policies. The team say general liability insurance provides broad coverage that can easily be enhanced.

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The newly launched general liability insurance service is designed to protect business owners from lawsuits that can result in financial ruin. The team at Insurance Brokers of Arizona explain that a general liability policy is comprised of five coverages. Find out more at

Bodily injury and property damage are included in the first part as this element covers business related incidents that result in a third-party injury. For instance, if a customer slips and falls on a business premise, or if an employee accidentally injures a customer, however business owners are advised that the policy will only cover the customer’s injuries, not the employee.

General liability policies can also protect any third-party property damage resulting from a business and its operations. An example provided by the team is if a landscape gardener accidently broke a customer’s window when mowing the lawn.

Products and completed operations are covered in the second part of the policy, which the team argue is the most important part. Products or goods that are manufactured, sold, or distributed as part of the business operations are covered if they cause a physical illness, including a customer getting sick.

Completed operations are also protected against faulty workmanship and services with this kind of coverage. The third component relates to personal and advertising injury, which is designed to protect businesses and owners from libel slander and copyright infringement. This can be a useful tool to protect the reputation and image of a brand or company.

A spokesperson said: “There are five important elements to any general liability insurance policy. Not all general liability policies are the same, so we strongly recommend you check the coverage of your policy. Talk to your agent to ensure you have the right coverage to protect your business, and you can always call us if you have any questions.”

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