Gilbert AZ Anesthesia Free Dental Fillings Laser Dentistry Services Launched

The Gilbert Dentist in Gilbert Arizona has just launched their advanced use of dental lasers enabling dental treatments and services such as fillings without the use of anesthesia.

Dr. Robert J. Brown DDS dental practitioners The Gilbert Dentist, based in Gilbert Arizona have launched laser dentistry and anesthesia-free services including fillings and treatments. The new services aim to provide patients with more convenience and less discomfort in their dental experiences, and interested parties are encouraged to book appointments now.

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The new service from The Gilbert Dentist was launched because industry intelligence reports indicate that worldwide demand for laser dentistry is growing steadily, with the market surging at a forecasted increase of 1.4x over the next six years. This demand comes with the benefits of dental lasers widely aiding in the efficiency and comfort of dental treatments.

Laser services can be implemented to prepare teeth for fillings in place of standard dental drills. Lasers can etch and shape target tissue without contact in removing tooth structure and decay without uncomfortable heat, pressure or painful friction. They also remove all traces of bacteria to ensure that contaminants are not left in the tooth, enabling faster healing.

The pain-free procedure is one of the many benefits of laser dentistry, with the anesthetic effect of dental lasers limiting and even eliminating the need for anesthetic shots. “The advent of dental lasers offers patients a better experience with greatly reduced discomfort compared to standard dental procedures,” said a company representative.

The FDA-approved technology removes inherent distressful factors associated with traditional dentistry including dental drills and continued feelings of numbness. Patients can leave the office without numbing sensations, allowing them to eat, talk normally, and resume their daily routines immediately after treatment.

In addition, the treatment is comparably fast and easy, providing added protection against future decay and resulting in fewer trips to the dentist. Laser dentistry preserves natural and healthy teeth, and is proven to be effective for sensitive patients in its ability to treat and fill cavities without needles, drills or pain.

Those looking for dental treatments including anesthesia-free fillings administered by experienced cosmetic and general dentists are invited to visit the company website at the above link. The Gilbert Dentist pages offer more information on laser dentistry as well as the full expansive range of dental services on offer.

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