Giggo for Home Services Business Owners Starts 5/28/2021

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Giggo announced the availability of their new Home Services beginning 5/28/2021. No Subscription Fees. Exclusive Leads and Get Paid Instantly. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Home Services will soon be able to get involved with Giggo. Today Graeme Gates, founder at Giggo, releases details of their new Home Services’ development.

This service is designed to appeal specifically to home service business owners and includes:

No Subscription Fees – This feature was included because competitors require monthly subscription fees without delivering leads that consistently follow through for their business partners. This is great news for clients because Giggo is a low-risk, new revenue stream. There is no cost for membership, sign-up, or generated leads.

Exclusive Leads – This was made part of the service since competitors make businesses pay and compete for the same leads, which lowers their return on investment and wastes their time if they do not ultimately win the lead. Conversely, Giggo’s business partners are contacted directly by consumers and do not share or pay for generated leads. Because there are no fees associated with subscriptions or leads, Giggo enables business partners to retain more of their own service fees and significantly increase their bottom line.

Get Paid Instantly – This benefit was an essential app feature. Business partners will receive instant payouts through Giggo and are able to send their earnings to an eligible debit card within minutes, giving them immediate access to funds. Instant payouts are available 24/7, including nights, weekends and holidays. This will benefit clients and provide them with immediate cashflow on hand for payday, rent, and overhead costs without having to wait for bank transfers or other slower payment options.

Graeme Gates, when asked about Giggo’s Home Services said:

“Giggo is closing the tech gap and giving small businesses a leg up on big corporations. We give our business partners the advantages of having their own mobile app without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to create their own. Our business model and app features are structured so that when you win, we win. We’re really in this fight for growth together.”

This is the latest offering from Giggo and Graeme Gates is particularly excited about this launch because it has been a long, tough journey to develop this service. Now, Giggo is ready to be introduced to the world.

Giggo’s mobile app is available on iOS and those interested in learning more should go to Giggo for iOS on Apple’s App Store.

Release ID: 89020518