Gibson Fender Electric Guitar Lessons Review Site Launched

OnlineGuitarLessonsSite reveals the two best online guitar lesson memberships for serious electric guitar enthusiasts to choose from, including fans of Gibson and Fender. Students can expect great results in a quick time frame. The site covers the reviewer’s personal, extensive experience and trials.

A former musician has revived his electric guitar playing skills after a more than 20 year hiatus, revealing his top two online guitar lesson memberships that are proven to advance any electric guitarists’ skill level. Through extensive online research he narrowed the vast selection down to two guitar instructional programs, based on student proficiency outcomes, featured on his review site.

Details of the online electric guitar tuitions, that cater to Gibson and Fender enthusiasts, can be accessed on the website:

The reviewer, John, says thanks to his prior guitar playing experience he already had a good feel for the features he was looking for and what would be required by a student learning electric guitar. After personally trialling as many online programs as possible he’s declared Guitar Tricks and JamPlay as his top picks.

With current memberships to both reviewed sites, John provides in-depth coverage with video and screenshots to help students decide which tuition is best for them and covers why results happen quickly. Visitors to his website will find information about: acoustic versus electric guitar, structured guitar and music theory lessons versus the self-taught method, paid online tuition versus free video tutorial uploads, as well as tips for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Self-taught guitar players tend to learn bad habits that are difficult to unlearn, resulting in many beginners regretting the decision of not learning properly from day one. The benefits of learning music theory and the fretboard on the electric guitar means students can better understand scales, chords, notes and read sheet music, so as they become more adept at playing it means they are less like likely to plateau. Through this method, electric guitar enthusiasts will advance their skills quicker and have a more enjoyable playing experience.

“Many electric guitar enthusiasts are obsessed with either a Gibson or Fender, and considering the reputation of them, it’s a shame if you don’t learn how to play one to best of your ability”, says John, who has uploaded video samples of his own playing skills to his review site, so visitors get a feel for the kind of improvements that are possible.

OnlineGuitarLessonsSite asserts that the benefits of paid online guitar lesson memberships far outweigh the free online tutorials. Many people prefer to learn guitar in the comfort and privacy of their home without the need to drag equipment around to a one-on-one lesson that can be very costly. Guitar Tricks and JamPlay are both mobile friendly and produce great results quickly due to the quality of their instructors. Both can be signed up to for money-back or initial free trials, direct from the review site.

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