Ghetto Dreamz Foundation Sponsors 10,000 Diploma Scholarships For African Youths

Ghetto Dreamz Foundation partners with American Internet Business School to give out 10,0000 FREE Scholarships to the school’s 'Digital Business Specialist’ Diploma Course to Youths From Africa.

In an unprecedented community service initiative, Ghetto Dreamz Foundation has announced its partnership with the American Internet Business School, USA to give out 10,0000 FREE Scholarships to the school’s ‘Digital Business Specialist’ Certification Diploma Program to Youths From African Countries.

In a special press release coming out the headquarters of Ghetto Dreamz Foundation, Dr Ope Banwo, the Founder/Chairman, announced the special Scholarship Program it recently arranged with the American Internet Business School to kickoff of its special Digital Works Africa initiative for Africa.

This initiative has a singular goal to spearhead the creation of 10 million digital jobs for 10 million African youths over the next 10 years.

According to Dr Ope Banwo, “The Digital Works Africa initiative is a big picture vision we have been working on for some time and we are finally kicking it off with the award of 10,000 FREE SCHOLARHSHIPS open to ALL African countries, for the 12-week Online ‘Digital Business Specialist’ Diploma Program at the American Internet Business School.”

Dr Ope Banwo, who is also an accomplished Attorney based in the USA, revealed that “As someone who has benefitted immensely from taking advantage of the amazing business opportunities in the digital marketplace for years, despite being primarily an Attorney, I know for a fact that acquiring digital business skills is the fastest route out of the circle of unemployment in most developing countries, regardless of level of education, technical skills, financial situation or economic conditions in your country”.

The Digital Works Africa initiative is all about training and certifying people interested in getting trained and certified for highly-in-demand digital business skills such as Affiliate Marketing, Digital Product Creation and Launch, eCommerce; Web Development and Management, and Freelancing services like Graphic designs; Proof Reading; Article Writing; Creating and editing Promotional Videos; Proof reading and Transcription services among many others.

The Ghetto Dreamz Foundation decided to take the private initiative to kick off a Digital Works Empowerment program for Africa following the inability of its founder, Dr Ope Banwo, to convince African government officials, about the idea of using the internet to jumpstart a continent wide employment and business empowerment movement for many of their unemployed youths who already have access to the internet.

This 10,000 Free scholarship program is part of the overall goal of the Ghetto Dreamz Foundation to help reduce the incidence of mass unemployment among African youths by using digital empowerment training and certification to create 10 million jobs for 10 million youths over the next 10 years.

The Foundation understands that the goal of creating 10 million digital jobs is a huge one and one which it cannot do alone. However, according to Dr Ope Banwo “Our Goal is to kick off the idea with this special partnership with American Internet Business School to provide some scholarships for the African Youths, in the hopes that other people, organizations and governments will be inspired to get involved as more and more youths are trained and certified to get off the unemployment queues in the coming months.”

With these 10,000 free Scholarships, the American Internet Business School and their globally certified trainers will provide online training for 10,000 Africans and certify them as ‘Digital Business Specialists’ with accredited Diplomas, over a 12-week period beginning in May.

This 1st phase of the Africa-Wide Digital Training, Certification and Employment program from the 2 organizations will be 100% free for the first 10,000 youths, with about 200 Spots allocated per country. The recipients will be selected on a first applied, first considered basis.

Once a particular country has exhausted its quota, others who are interested from that country would be required to sign up and pay for the Digital Business Specialist Diploma course directly on their site for the normal enrolment fee.

Applications for consideration in this free scholarship program is now available at There is no fee to apply to be considered for this free scholarship and no fee for selection as a scholarship recipient.

For those not from Africa, or who may miss out on the quota for their country, the ‘Digital Business Specialist’ Diploma course itself is available on the American Internet Business School portal at for purchase..

In Summary, according to the published curriculum from the American Internet Business School, here is what you can look forward to as one of the beneficiaries of the Digital Works Africa Scholarship Program, should you be privileged to get a spot. You will get:

– 100% Free Tuition to the 12-Week Online ‘Digital Business Specialist’ Diploma Certification Program of the American Internet Business School. The school normally charges between $997 and $1,997 for this program.

– Training and Certification in 7 Core Highly In-Demand Digital Businesses and Job Skill Courses that including Affilaite Markeitng, Digital Product Creation; Freelancing Skills, Social Media Marketing, eCommerce Business; Mini Importation etc.

– Assistance with Job placements with top digital Job Sites for Certified diploma graduates.

– All classes are provided online and include Live and Recorded trainings, weekly webinars/ workshops; and Live Q and A Mastermind

– Weekly Online Coaching and mentoring for 13 Weeks after your Graduation for hands on application of your training.

– Formal Diploma Certificates issued by the American Internet Business School.

According to observers, this is by far the best digital training program available right now for African Youths who re interested in taking advantage of the business and self-employment opportunities available on the internet.

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