Get Interventional Pain Management & Individual Treatment Plans in Cordova TN

Cordova, TN pain management clinic MidSouth Pain Treatment Center has individual treatment plans with new solutions for easing patients’ chronic pain.

Cordova, TN – Pain management clinic MidSouth Pain Treatment Center announced individual treatment plans and programs. The addition of several procedures to their suite of healthcare options is intended to continue finding solutions and easing the chronic pain of their patients.

The recently announced individual pain management programs include several advanced techniques for managing pain, including ketamine infusions and a therapeutic option and spinal cord stimulation called HF10 therapy. The goal of these solutions is for patients to enjoy longer-lasting relief from a variety of conditions, from chronic pain and migraines to depression.

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center is a pioneer in delivering world class pain management solutions for patients. This includes pain management for chronic back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hip and leg pain, hand and foot pain, headaches, and pain resulting from unsuccessful back surgery.

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center delivers a wide range of pain management solutions for patients at their existing facilities in Tennessee and Mississippi focusing on treating the root cause of the pain and helping patients get their lives back so they can manage their pain effectively.

The MidSouth Pain Management program includes a number of pain treatment programs for patients designed to identify what is creating the pain in the first place, and then treating it. When patients suffer from back pain, for example, MidSouth Pain Treatment Center’s providers consider the best plan of care for each patient, and create a roadmap for each patient that is customized to them to treat the type of back pain that they have.

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center has built an exhaustive Pain Knowledge Center of different types of treatments and conditions that patients will receive based on the type of pain that they are experiencing.

The plan of care at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center is intended to help patients who suffer from any type of physical pain – from migraines to back pain to leg pain or neck pain, patients can find relief by calling MidSouth Pain Treatment Center at (866) 707-1942 or by searching on Google for “pain doctor near me” to schedule an appointment.

Patient Angela Anderson shared her comments on her experience at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center. “I’m so thankful for this clinic and all their wonderful staff. All of my questions and concerns were answered. Also, the nurses and doctors created a total package care plan just for me!”

More information on MidSouth Pain Treatment Center’s individualized pain management plans, and to schedule an appointment for a consultation with their staff, can be found at

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