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In an exclusive interview with Eleven Media, Service My Car confirms their new dedicated ‘one stop’ website makes it easy to get your car repairs and servicing done by the best mechanics in Australia.

Visiting the Service My Car website is a must for all car owners in Australia. Designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate, the online platform brings together many tools and practical resources in one convenient place. Compare car service costs, get a digital service schedule, find a mechanic near you and more.

Although the website is best known for their free Service Cost Guides, car owners can also connect directly to the best mechanics in Australia. Find your local mechanic workshop or mobile mechanic on the Find My Mechanic directory and request a free online quote for a car service or car repair.

Mark Boyce, founder of Service My Car said this in his interview with Eleven media, “The directory has a large database of independent service centres and franchisees across Australia. Simply enter your postcode to find a local mechanic, with the ability to expand to see nearby mechanics. We understand the importance of time and convenience, and so the directory gives visitors the options to either call, send a direct message via the website or visit the workshop in person. Service My Car supports the Australian Automotive Industry as well as car owners, and that’s why unlike other websites, we do not charge mechanics on our directory any commissions and there are no booking fees for the car owner.”

The cost of a car service can vary greatly between different cars and different service intervals. With a Service Cost Guide, you can find out instantly what the average prices charged by mechanics across Australia are for your service interval. The Service Cost Guide is a free cost estimator tool that can also be used to check when your next service is due and help you budget for upcoming costs.

For those who have lost their handbook or those looking to move into the digital age, Service My Car has Logbook Service Guides available for purchase. A Logbook Service Guide for your car includes a complete service schedule and task breakdowns for all service intervals in an easy to read digital format. Find out when and what items need attention to keep your car safe and running at optimal performance. It is saved into your account so you can either view online, download or print out.

The tool is exclusive to the Service My Car website. This handy calculator allows you to compare either lifetime service costs or any range of service intervals across multiple cars. Because owning a car is not a once off cost, compare running costs before buying your next car to find one that fits into your budget.

You can learn more about the available guides here:

The website offers car owners these free useful tools and resources: a/ Free Service Cost Guides b/ Find My Mechanic – the best mechanics in Australia c/ Request a free car service quote or car repair quote online d/ Free Tyre Sizes Guide e/ Car recalls, news and safety tips in one handy place.

Eleven Media in their research prior to the interview found many car owners wanted to know how much it will cost to service their car. They found these on the Service My Car website: i/ Free instant Service Cost Guides. Choose any car and any interval. ii/ Large database of makes and models with car index constantly expanding. iii/ Average prices charged across a large network of independent and franchisee service centres across Australia. iv/ Prices are live and updated as industry prices change.

About Service My Car

Service My Car is a dedicated one stop website to meet all the needs of car owners in Australia. Whether you are buying, selling or maintaining your car for optimal performance, now you can access a range of useful tools and resources. These include free service cost guides, request free online quotes, connect directly to the best mechanics, life time car servicing cost comparisons, digital service schedules, free Tyre Sizes Guide and more.

Service My Car does not charge mechanics on their directory any commission and there are no booking fees for service or repair work. Their large network of mechanics means you can spend time doing what you love and leave your car repair and servicing to the experts.

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