Germany’s Government Education System Making Impression During Refugee Crisis

German Refugee Crisis - With many news surrounding the refugee crisis, German government employees of Vogelsbergkreis do care about the situation.

The refugee crisis in Germany is covered daily in most newspapers around the world. News about criminals, hate and terrorism are taking over the local and international media. However, there are also positive sides when looking at this from a different perspective.

Recently, a journalist of EUPB had the honors to meet an outstanding personality who works for the Government in the city of Lauterbach (Vogelsbergkreis Germany). Mr. W, an employee of the “Kommunales Jobcenter Vogelsbergkreis” made a great impression when discussing details about refugees and educational measures taken in relation to the refugee crisis.

Mr. W. is responsible to help Germans and also refugees to find a job. The German government enables individuals and companies who struggle in life to get back on their feet. To do so, people in need of help are able to request monetary and job-related support from the state and area they live in.

Employees like Mr. W. are trained to support such people and to help them find a qualified job within the area they live on. Of course, there are many people who abuse the system and who are not interested in working at all – however, there are a few who actually want to change their life and this is where people like Mr. W. come in handy.

There are many news about “job centre agents” in Germany. Most of them are negative, because people who abuse the social system try to fine every single way to get the most support without even being interested in finding a job. Here is where exceptional people like Mr. W. do not give up. Dealing with people who are not interested in real help, such as finding a job, easily turn friendly people into people who just don’t care anymore.

It’s understandable that a mood can go down if a person tries to help someone and all they get in return are excuses why someone cannot work and why they still need money. A job like this can be very hard, but this is where people like Mr. W. don’t give up.

“There are many people who are looking for help and our main mission is making sure they find a job that fits their qualifications and to get back in life. While this can be an exhausting job, giving up is not an option, as long as there are people who really want to get back on their feet”, Mr. W. commented.

When visiting his office, the first impression is “friendly”. There is an office desk and a visitors desk. Unlike most government offices, the visitor desk is used by the government employee and the job seeking individual. The difference is very positive. People in need of help do not feel “lower in position” when talking to the government employee. They basically sit at the same table and discuss opportunities without making the seeking individual feel lower in rank.

The difference between a government employee who actually cares about his clients and hardened employees who don’t care much about years in service can be spotted instantly. In this case, the most positive impression with Mr. W. were the stickers on his file closet. The stickers contained sentences like “If you want to change your life, you are able to” or “Don’t just take things just like that – Ask questions to find solutions”.

When discussing refugees, another positive sign came up instantly. The government enables employees to take English classes to deal better with individuals who do not speak German. Knowing that, it was no surprise that Mr. W. was one of the first employees who took such a class. What does that tell about a personality? It tells that there are still people who care about actually helping individuals to get back on their feet, and this is something that should be rewarded – even if just in an article about an exceptional government worker, known as Mr. W.

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