Germany Real Time A/B Testing Website Vergleicher Live Analytics Game Launched

A new game has been developed to help generate A/B testing results in a fun way. Called Website Vergleicher, it offers clients the opportunity to measure results in real time

A new A/B testing website has launched in Germany called Website Vergleicher, which has developed a fun way for visitors to compare a wide range of different websites through playing a game. The information collected by the game will be collected in real time, and can be used by clients to measure the effectiveness of websites across a range of subjects, taking insight from what works and what doesn’t.

More information can be found on the company website at:

Through using the tool, clients can measure the features that visitors most enjoy and use the lessons learned to improve their own business website, helping to increase sales through better design. By enhancing their usability, they can improve their business and encourage more people to visit their page.

Offering a better browsing experience to the customer can also help increase brand awareness by promoting word of mouth and social sharing, as customers who enjoy using a business’s website are more likely to recommend the company to their friends.

These days, it’s of utmost importance to measure and analyze data by running experiments, because this is how companies get the best value for their customer base. Instead of passively storing this data to investigate and analyze, implementing well organized A/B testing can be the best way to ensure the research helps in the best way.

A/B testing involves showing different user experiences to visitors, and measuring the impact of those differences. This can be implemented across any number of features, from something as small as font size to heading changes, image sizes, and completely different website designs.

The Website Vergleicher will allow users to have this experience in a fun way, providing an area for visitors to browse through different websites and play games that are based around analyzing preferences in website design. It was designed as a way to get powerful A/B testing results without the chore of having to analyze individual differences on a case by case basis.

Full details are available on the company website, where customers can also get in touch using the contact form provided.

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