German Pointer Disobedience Training Dog Biting & Barking Report Launched

A Dogs Life launched a new report on essential dog disobedience training tips to eliminate unwanted behavior such as biting or barking.

A Dogs Life, an online store and informational website on dog training, accessories and products, launched a new report on effective disobedience and separation anxiety training. The expert tips are easily applicable to any dog breeds, including German Shorthaired Pointers, German Shepherds, Terriers, Shih Tzus and any others.

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Proper dog training is essential to prevent unwanted behavior such as unnecessary barking or biting – and, with some breeds, minimize the risk of potential disobedience-related injuries.

According to the online report, disobedience needs to be differentiated from lack of comprehension. Sometimes, dogs not obeying their owners do so because they have yet to be adequately trained, meaning that owners need to spend more time teaching them the desired behaviors and their respective commands.

Actual disobedience occurs when dogs intentionally ignore commands and engage in disruptive behavior.

This problem often stems from dogs not perceiving their owners as the alpha member of the pack.

The report explains: “When your dog deliberately does not obey you, he’s saying, ‘I don’t respect your authority enough to do what you want me to do’. If you allow him to get away with this, you are allowing him to form the habit of passive-aggression. This is not something that can just be left to fix itself. It’s very important that your dog recognizes that you outrank him in the social hierarchy of the household.”

The solution is to establish hierarchical dominance by displaying behavior that dogs associate with alpha members of the pack.

Leaving the house or the car before the dog is an essential step in asserting dominance. This shows the dog that the owner is in charge and that they will make the most important decisions, thus significantly increasing the chances of obedience.

The report also includes practical tips on separation anxiety training.

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