Georgian Style Composite Door And Surrounds Are Celebrating A Timeless Elegance

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Resin Roofs is pleased to announce a new composite door style to its already vast collection of door surrounds: the Georgian.

Resin Roofs Brings Posh Elegance Back to Region with New Georgian Style Composite Doors

Hull, East Yorkshire: Resin Roofs is pleased to announce a new composite door style to its already vast collection of door surrounds: the Georgian. Though there are plenty of ways to decorate the frame of your doorway, for those who seek to maintain an aristocratic air and feel as if they are returning to an estate after a long day at work, the Georgian door surround is a classic choice. Surely, the atmosphere of Hull will benefit for more beautiful entrances and exits, don’t you think?

Georgian doors have been around since the early 1700s and were a major feature in Roman and Grecian architecture. The powerful symmetrical lines and simple details are regal, stately, and will add a universal charm to your household. In the past, Georgians fancied rich coloured wood, such as mahogany or seasoned oak—and Resin Roofs is applying that same lovely tone to the Georgian Style door surrounds being offered. You choose between 3 shades of white, brown, light oak, and rosewood. However, more customisable colour options are available for an extra fee. Resin Roofs welcomes any inquires about what RAL colours can be used.

Why choose a composite door over a regular timber door, you ask? Not only is the Georgian Door Surround from Resin Roofs a timeless accent with two pillars and a lintel, the sizing can be altered to fit your doorway. Choose between 2100 mm or 2300 mm high and up to 3000 mm long. Plus, composite doors are different from your traditional door. The solid, thermal insulation of the core materials offer benefits that old-style technology didn’t. You get richer colour and more options for customisation than you would with timber or other classic door materials.

Looking for an interesting yet unpretentious statement for your home? Consider the Georgian Style Door Surround by Resin Roofs. A little bit of elegance goes a long way in not only making your residence beautiful, it adds to the overall atmosphere of the townscape as well.

About Resin Roofs ( Resin Roofs, a trade name affiliated with Its Your Lot, LTD is located in Hull, East Yorkshire and offers an extensive supply of cantilever carports, GRP architectural plastic mouldings, and more. Some of the most popular items are the custom-made porch roofs, skylights, bi-folding doors, and also the composite door and door surrounds. Call today (01482 240153) or check out the website to learn more about the Georgian Door Surrounds.

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