Georgia Aloe Skincare Range Gift Sets Plant Based Natural Store Launched

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Aloe Unique USA has recently launched their online retail services, offering people in Whitemarsh Island a range of natural, sustainably-sourced aloe skincare products, ideal as festive gifts.

Aloe Unique USA, an online retailer from Whitemarsh Island GA, has recently launched their natural skincare services, offering premium, sustainably sourced aloe-based skincare products, designed to soothe sensitive and problem prone skin.

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The newly launched online beauty and skincare store Aloe Unique USA offers products made with 100% natural South African ingredients. All of their products are derived from the clear gels extracted from the South African Aloe Ferox plant, which has a range of exceptional skincare benefits, including a daily dose of vitamins A, B, C, and D.

The paraben free skincare products at Aloe Unique USA are ideal for people with sensitive and problem prone skin, but can be used by people of any age or skin type. More information about pricing and contact details can be found at

The Aloe Ferox in Aloe Unique USA’s newly launched product range is guaranteed to be ethically and sustainably sourced, in addition to offering twice the amount of amino acids when compared to the more popular Aloe Vera. Due to its global popularly, Aloe Vera is often grown using chemicals and pesticides, while Aloe Unique’s South African plants are grown naturally, providing enhanced healing properties and anti-oxidants.

Moreover, as Aloe Ferox is grown wild and harvested in South Africa using ancient methods, it provides sustainable, fair employment for the local community. In addition to this highly-stimulating type of aloe, the newly available Aloe Unique USA products contain a range of vitamins and minerals designed to rehydrate the skin, reduce pigmentation, and promote cell activity.

Their best selling range, which includes the Age Defying Serum, the Gentle Facial Wash, and the Lift Ampoules, are ideal as Christmas presents for friends and relatives during the festive period. In addition to moisturizers and cleansers for the face and neck, Aloe Unique USA offer body care and sun protection products, as well as a selection of gifts and sets.

Aloe Unique’s $25 gift cards and range of sets, which include products selected for specific requirements, such as sensitive, acne prone, mature, dry, and combination skin, are ideal as seasonal gifts for skincare lovers. Their curated gift sets are comprised of best selling and popular products included toners, scrubs, washes, masques, and serums formulated to naturally rejuvenate the face and body.

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