Genius Webinars Training in How to Host a Successful, High-Converting Webinar

Genius Webinars is a new master webinar hosting a course that reveals Jason Fladlien's expert approach to webinar creation and hosting. Users can learn numerous creative and effective expert marketing and sales strategies for planning, organizing, running and monetizing webinars.

Jason Fladlien announced the release of a new powerful online video training program, called Genius Webinar. The course is designed to teach students who lack experience, presentations skills and confidence how to craft and present a webinar that builds audience rapport. Introverts and users with no webinar expertise can learn how to master the art of running webinars. This easy-to-follow professional online training helps users to improve their webinar attendees and to effectively convert visitors into customers. Beginner webinar hosts and moderators can learn how to make their webinars more interesting, impactful and engaging.

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There are many ways users can incorporate online webinars into their business to achieve many of the business marketing goals and create a complementary revenue stream. Students will learn how to master an effective sales approach that will get them the results they want.

The Genius Webinars course features numerous step-by-step instructions, case studies, and video training that teach students how to build an effective webinar from scratch for high conversions.

Jason Fladlien is a renowned digital marketing expert who has walked the talk: he has crafted and personally delivered hundreds of highly-converting webinars.

The webinar training program is designed to help users reproduce the amazing results that Fladlien and his team have been reaching with their proven strategy of running highly-convertible webinars.

The course is perfect even for both experienced marketers and beginners; for introverts and people who have lack confidence. Marketing consultants, service providers, authors, entrepreneurs, and coaches can gain incredible new skills that will enable them to become an authority figure in webinar presentations and their industry. Regardless of the level of specialist knowledge that they possess, users can bring their skills to a higher level.

A satisfied student shared, “It was great being able to tap almost directly into Jason’s strategies and business brain and get the webinar creation processes explained in a crystal clear way. Jason taught me how to present in my voice, create highly-converting webinar presentations and offers that my target market loves. The course has given me the confidence kick that I lacked and I’m a better webinar moderator because of Jason.”

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