Generator Companies in Kenya Competing on Prices & Hybrid Solar Combinations

Some generators for sale in Kenya companies such as Generators Kenya Limited are not only concerned with generator prices in Kenya, but on how efficient these systems are. Power providers have realized that a large number of customers go for efficient and affordable power systems.

Many generators for sale in Kenya companies including Generators Kenya Limited are shifting to combining hybrid solar and generators systems coupled with photovoltaic solar panels with engine-generator backup systems. Most customers nowadays are not only concerned with generator prices in Kenya, but also how efficient these systems are.

While solar power panels and diesel generators may not seem to be a good combination, Generators Kenya limited is certain that this kind of generation of energy will play an important role in low-carbon conversion. For low carbon development to be successful, extensive research must be done by experts on how to integrate solar PV system and electric generator.

Engineer Sammy Nyiri the CEO of Generators Kenya limited, says that the current electricity system in Kenya is led by demand. This means, every time users’ switch on their lights or Television sets, the “grid” should supply an adequate amount of power to the grid. Since the demand does not match the generation of power, this is never the case. For the Kenyan energy demand to be met there should be an integration of non-renewable sources of energy and renewable energy sources like off-grid rooftop PV systems.

It is of great importance to have power readily available at all times especially in times when the big rains are expected. During heavy rains, there is little conversion of sunshine into electricity and people in certain areas end up experiencing black out for 12+ hours. Unexpected power outages have adverse effects especially on businesses. Both business and home owners are greatly inconvenienced when there is a power blackout. Adequate supply of power is critical because it needs to be used during crisis response communications, as fuel, and for other essentials.

To proof themselves from power black outs, business and home owners opt for wearable or motor-generators, but these do not offer much help. A combination of solar power, gas generator and diesel generator goes outside the fundamentals. This kind of technology is reliable and independent, it is the future.

Durable stand-alone power systems launched by Generators Kenya Limited speed up the use of solar power and storage collectively. Communities will benefit from this new technology that has been coupled with a signal generator. Even during power outages, communities and households will have reliable energy that is clean. Resilient power is a consumer driven project that aims at helping customers understand and use the best power methods.

Homeowners and businesses can have solar power stations installed and designed faster in their premises because the company has developed unique designs that allow distributors carry out the installation process faster. Generators Kenya limited products are perfect because they can be used in any part of the country under different conditions. The backup generators are integrated with small renewable energy features that allow electricity to be generated on sunny and cloudy days. For more information please visit

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