General Wolfe Inn Announces Best Restaurant Patio On Wolfe Island Ontario

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Wolfe Island Residents and tourists are excited about the new General Wolfe Inn Water Front Patio

General Wolfe Inn Announces Best Restaurant Patio On Wolfe Island Ontario

Kingston Area Residents and visitors from far and wide now have an exciting new destination to hang out at this summer courtesy of General Wolfe Inn on Wolfe Island Ontario.

The destination has undergone significant renovations courtesy of its new ownership and management team. Local and tourists alike can now enjoy what could possibly be the best view from any patio on lake Ontario in Canada.

Wolfies as it is affectionately nicknamed boasts live music, cold drink a wide range of food and an amazing view from its waterfront patio

The new renovations are a welcome site to the locals at their favorite destination. The General Wolfe Inn was once a booming attraction on the Wolfe Island but has been in decline in recent years until the new owners took over recently and have revitalized both the inside and outside of the property given all visitors something to get excited about.

At a recent grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony both locals and tourists were treated to a wonderful Canada Celebration on the patio. The Hotel boasts accommodation as well and the summer so far has been busier than anticipated as people flock back to the historic venue.

Rob Gibson one of the new owner behind The General Wolfe Inn was quoted as saying… “this Patio Makes us so proud, we have worked hard to create something special for the locals and tourists and are really pleased with how it has turned out”

Local and tourists looking to find out more about rooms, bookings, reservations, boat slips or special event planning are encourage to connect with the General Wolfe Inn here

Make sure to take the time to say to stop by and say hello to the new owners when there.

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