Gen Z Demographic Marketing Strategies – Consumer Advertising Approach Updated

LO:LA revisits its previous reports on the importance of meaningfulness in creating relevant marketing strategies. The trusted creative agency explains that consumers today want to feel like they are part of something greater than themselves.

Emerging studies note that Gen Zers (called the “True Gen”) value marketing strategies that have meaning; advertisements that reflect social good rather than a focus on the self. Explaining this further in an updated report, LO:LA clarifies the “Power of Meaning” in drafting advertisements that today’s consumers would appreciate.

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The newly released report, written by the CEO and Founder of LO:LA Nicholas Platt asks, “How do you resonate with your customers and increase engagement?” Though a simple question, the answer to this is more complex, explains Platt.

Now, companies must first be aware of what is important to each generation. Whereas millennials are more focused on their independence and self-sufficiency, Gen Zers are in search of the truth to life and want to avoid labels. This explains why many Gen Zers make consumer decisions in a highly analytical and pragmatic way – compared to millennials who may be less willing to accept diverse points of view.

Understanding this nuance is crucial when making relevant marketing plans, says Platt. By recognizing the “whys” of the customer, businesses can now adapt their advertising to reflect them. Modern marketing is no longer about the number of materials being produced but their quality, in that they tug at the heartstrings of those it reaches. Further details can be found at

Companies who want to maintain their business relevancy can seek the assistance of trusted creative agencies such as LO:LA. What began in London in 2017 and nurtured in Los Angeles, LO:LA brings big agency and in-house experience for well-crafted professional marketing and advertising plans that are always outside of the box.

The agency takes pride in constantly being thinking on its feet to deliver world-class compelling creatives made with love. It believes that everyone has something to say and they deliver this message in a way that makes sense and has power and meaning.

LO:LA regularly releases reports on creative production. Those interested in collaborating with the team are invited to schedule a discovery call through their website.

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