Gel Mouthguards Flavor Injected Protective Sports Gear Site Launched

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A new website has been launched by Protective Gel, dedicated to sports protective product innovations and featuring the increasingly popular MoGo flavored gel mouthguard, ideal for impact reduction in contact sports.

Protective Gel has launched a new website dedicated to sports protective product innovations, ideal for contact sports, including the increasingly popular MoGo flavored gel mouthguard. For more information about the MoGo mouthguard and other protective sports gel products in the Pro G range, visit the new site via the following link:

Protective gel is the latest innovation in protective sports products such as mouthguards, and also headbands, skull caps and shoe lace locks, and Pro G has further products utilizing gel technology awaiting release, pending research and development, and advises customers to keep an eye on the website for new product releases. Gel products are reported to reduce impact by between 35 and 53 percent.

The company says that with the implications of physical contact, concussion and head trauma being much better understood than ever before, and the stigma of looking ‘tough’ or ‘cool’ without protective wear waning, attention has now turned to what can be done to reduce the effects of impact dealt out in various contact sports, with the advent of gel technology as a superior protective material, including the Pro Gel MoGo mouthguards and other line of products.

The new Pro Gel website features a segment on the MoGo mouthguard, the first flavor infused mouthguard on the market, made for protection, breathability, comfort and performance, in a range of flavors. The flavoring is made from natural ingredients, and the guard itself is made with PolyFlav® resins that meet FDA standards for food contact and food products, and are BPA free. It comes with a $10,000 dental warranty and is available in two sizes.

Other products include 2nd Skull® Sports Head Band and 2nd Skull® Skull Cap, providing head protection and impact for contact and non contact sports. They feature: a thin design preferred by professionals, a spandex fabric blend offering stretch yet compression to fit and protect the head, moisture wicking to assist with sweating, antimicrobial and anti odor treatment, silicone grip to keep it in place, are easily washable. The head band comes in one size that fits all and the skull cap is available in two sizes.

The website recommends the sports head band for soccer, basketball, volleyball, women’s lacrosse (it enables ponytail access) and other sports. The skull cap is allowed in high school football, baseball, hockey and lacrosse, and is recommended for BMX, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, rugby and other activities.

The site features testimonials from actual customers that have purchased and tried the Pro Gel products, and a comprehensive FAQ section on the Pro Gel MoGo flavor infused mouthguard and the 2nd Skull head protection items.

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