Geelong Zumba Dance Fitness Weight Loss Fun Salsa Merengue Classes Launched

A new range of Zumba dance classes has been launched in Geelong, Victoria. Taught by Monica Shoosmith, they’re a great way to get fit and toned while losing weight.

New Zumba dance classes have been launched in Geelong, Australia, by Monica Shoosmith. Geelong, Residents interested in dance and learning something new are encouraged to get in touch.

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Zumba is a popular form of dance that sees participants dance to salsa, flamenco and merengue music to workout. Unlike other forms of fitness, it places emphasis on a fun workout that helps people to achieve their fitness goals.

The high-energy classes are designed to feature upbeat music, along with choreographed dance performances. Dancers don’t need to be highly trained or experienced to learn or practice Zumba. The classes tend to emphasize having a good time, and there is no rhythm needed. It’s an effective way of working out the core, legs, and gluteus especially.

Monica Shoosmith created the course to help more people have fun and enjoy what they do. She was born in Lima, Peru and has been living in Geelong since 2007.

She particularly enjoys teaching Zumba because every session feels more like a party. She is licensed to teach Zumba, Strong Zumba, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Gold, Zumba Kids and more.

Classes are held throughout the week in Geelong’s Gym, St Andrew’s Uniting Church, and St Mark’s. Anyone is welcome to come along and enjoy a good time while pursuing their fitness goals.

There are a number of health benefits to practicing Zumba. Because it’s a fun way of working out, it encourages repeat classes, making it great for weight loss.

It is a workout that tones the entire body, enhancing heart health and helping participants to work a range of muscle groups. It also helps anyone to de-stress, drawing their attention away from their day-to-day life and conflicts and onto the fun of dance. Anyone interested in practicing Zumba in the Geelong area is encouraged to get in touch.

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