Geeky Tech Discuss SEO Site Migrations and Why It’s Important to Plan Ahead

Geeky Tech speak out about SEO migrations and how they have developed a checklist anyone wishing to perform a site redesign/migration can follow to ensure a safe transition

A lot of companies worry about redesigning their website because they’re under the impression that redesigning a website can cause issues with pre-existing SEO strategies or optimisations. While this can be the case, if done properly by someone with the right skills, it usually never ends up that way at all.

It can be quite painful watching years of marketing and SEO lost overnight through utilising the wrong person for the job, though and with this in mind, Geeky Tech have put together an SEO site migration checklist to stop companies from causing themselves disaster during a website redesign. They also created a written guide, the link to which can be found at the bottom of this article.

It’s imperative that these SEO migration tips are followed correctly, it can sometimes be a long process that may also be tedious at times however Geeky Tech assure us all that it will be well worth it and that if it’s not done properly then the health of your websites SEO efforts could be in a dire state.

Geeky Tech are always at hand for people who have any questions about site migrations and urge anyone with issues to get in touch to chat about any concerns people may have about their website or the process of migration. So why is all of this actually important? Well to put it simply, if users don’t follow these migration steps they could potentially damage their standing in the eyes of the search engines and depending on severity, could well see themselves permanently drop.

If users are struggling to understand the checklist and require some visuals to make sense of all of this then readers can download Geeky Tech’s website migration SEO checklist before they attempt their migration, so to ensure that everything is being done correctly as they go. To see this visual guide, follow the link at the bottom of this post.

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