Geektastic Unveil Alternative Platform that Improves Technical Screening Process

Geektastic speak up about their automated technical screening service which is the perfect for recruiters.

Tech recruitment has changed over the years and in most cases programmers can even land a tech based programming role without having to spend years in university to attain a degree, so long as the developer can demonstrate their skills.

This is where automated technical screening services like Codility, HackerRank and Geektastic come in handy. They all allow recruiters to provide online testing which can screen thousands of engineers, or simply as a flexible way to run tech interviews completely remotely.

Geektastic reached out to us today to bring up their innovative platform and how it can benefit recruiters in many ways. The team at Geektastic knows that nobody wants to actually complete ten coding challenges when applying for a job, it’s already more than enough stress having to complete multiple rounds of interviews.

Candidates want feedback, nobody wants to spend a few hours completing a coding challenge just to find out that they have failed with absolutely no explanation as to why. Prospects should at least be told why they have not passed so that they can use the feedback to improve, the old way of failing people without an explanation is killing people’s passion for development.

This is why Geektastic believes feedback is absolutely essential and provides it as well as giving candidates being tested a chance to explain their choices and thought processes, giving a more productive experience when testing people. This philosophy is what puts the Geektastic platform head and shoulders above their competitors.

Geektastic also offers expert reviews from their very own team, who take it upon themselves to sift through all the code, line by line, simply to provide a detailed feedback report. This points out where things went wrong but also exactly where they went right too. There are also instances where the Geektastic team will drop alternatives to improve the code, so they can make it as much of a learning experience as possible.

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