Geektastic Talks About Its Java Skills Tests for Interviewing Developers

Geektastic reach out to us to talk about their Java skills tests for interviewing developers and how its different to other platforms available on the internet

Geektastic, an established coding platform with an entirely new take on the interviewing process for tech-based jobs, has recently released more information regarding its existing tests that evaluate Java skills.

The recent rise in demand for astute software engineers isn’t a surprising fact, as Java is one of the most dominant languages within enterprise (being a close 2nd to Python). Teams that require developers in this specific area may need to take on more developers to manage their existing software(s).

As teams scale, they need a more efficient method to test the skills of applicants. Assessing skills more efficiently lowers the chances of hiring a false developer who manages to scrape by the interview stage. With Geektastic’s Java assessments, employers can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands. The team evaluating your candidate’s code works for the likes of Google and Twitter.

Geektastic also provides candidates with more feedback about their results to help them improve their skills. The platform looks through multiple tenses (these are code quality, solution design, multi-threading, problem-solving skills, and understanding requirements) and sends back their analysis within 24 hours of test completion.

Not interested in taking these tests and would like to help Geektastic review submissions? The team over at Geektastic are always looking to bolster their review team with keen developers, readers astute at coding are welcome to apply to join their UberGeek team. There are a plethora of benefits that come with this job and almost no limitations on how many tests successful review candidates can take and do in a given time frame. There’s also the added benefit that successful candidates have the ability to work from home!

Readers who are interested can find out more about Geektastic’s Java assessments, or to join their team of UberGeeks, please see the following URL for more:

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