Geektastic Release Details On Coding Challenges

Geektastic releases interesting facts about their Code Challenges. Further information can be found at

Coding Challenge Developers, Geektastic are now releasing details about their Python Coding Challenges, which consumers within the Software Engineering industry will find interesting…

The Python Code Challenge is a platform that allows companies to hire software engineers quickly and smoothly. The platform allows employers to evaluate candidates with the most realistic code to fully asses their capabilities for the role.

The Python Coding Challenge was created after the company brought together a team of developers who are highly skilled in computer science fundamentals. The developers at Geektastic have a vast understanding of common data structures, algorithms and algorithm paradigms.

A Python developer strong in CS fundamentals makes good use of some of the modules in The Python Standard Library, such as collections, itertools, heapq and bisect. Furthermore, familiarity with language constructs such as generator expressions and other lazy features, list comprehensions and an understanding of mutable vs immutable objects prove very helpful in most Python coding challenges at Geektastic.

The Python Coding Challenge has been developing for quite sometime to ensure it was finalised to perfection. A potential software engineer taking the Python Challenge with Geektastic will be able to display a wide range of skills such as solution design, problem solving, computer science fundamentals and more.

About Geektastic

Geektastic use real software engineers to create and review code challenges and believe that a candidate is much more complex than a score. The Python Code Challenge was created on the gap in the market for a solution to hire software engineers using deep technical insight into their candidates.

Geektastic are a small team but together have achieved great results. More information about Geektastic and the Python Code Challenge can be found on their website,

Geektastic got it’s start when Founder Rick Brownlow noticed a growing need to speed up time to hire with peer reviewed code challenges. With the ambition to change the way developers are hired, Rick Bunlow decided to go ahead and start in 2015.

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