Geektastic Launches their Online Coding Challenges Platform

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Geektastic Launches their Online Coding Challenges Platform with more information to be read about the benefits it could offer to interviewers

Coding challenges have been used by the programming industry for many years now. The premise behind their usage is to wean out the good coders from the bad ones.

Online coding challenges have the ability to drastically speed up the entire hiring process for businesses. What this does is enable companies the ability to filter out any unsuitable applicants at an early stage, whilst giving everyone a fair chance.

Challenges streamline the entire process, meaning interviewers don’t need to be selective about who they interview and spend their time on anymore. Gone are the days of multiple technical interview rounds wasting both developers and interviewers time.

The new platform launched by Geektastic is intended to differentiate between bad developers and good developers. They do this through coding challenges which were made by developers, for developers.

It is essential to take the level of challenge into account when creating coding assessments. If the challenges are deemed to be too easy or too difficult, then the results could be considered meaningless.

For this reason, a lot of businesses tend to opt for an online coding challenges provider who can provide challenges of varying difficulties for various different roles.

Geektastic’s platform allows developers to use their own preferred IDE, unlike their competition where candidates tend to have to code in a browser based development environment. Allowing developers to use environments they are familiar with can provide better results.

Another competitor downside is that typically good developers are more often than not failed for silly syntax errors such as a misplaced semicolon whereas the Geektastic platform has peer-reviewers who can fix silly errors and run the code.

Geektastic’s primary aim is to fix the current problems that exist in online coding testing, but they aren’t so bold as to think they can fix the entire process at once, so they have started with a necessary evil: the technical evaluation of the software engineer.

To find out more about Geektastic’s new online coding challenge platform or the other benefits, simply click here

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