Geektastic Launch Technical Assessment & Code Challenges for Recruiters

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Geektastic talk about their platform for code challenges and technical assessments which can benefit recruiters through the hiring process

Recruiters can speed up the entirety of the technical hiring process simply through the use of peer reviewed code challenges in order to quickly and effectively determine who the best developers of the bunch are.

Geektastic’s technical assessment & code challenge platform does exactly what it says on the tin, with quick challenges that prove a user’s ability and skill set in a quick and timely manner, while also providing educational feedback to users taking the test as opposed to just failing people with no actual justification as to why.

One of the main problems with a fully automated technical assessment and code challenge is that machines cannot identify the best candidates, at least not completely effectively, this is why Geektastic makes use of a review team to check over the test subjects code. Not to mention, the team that reviews the code also work at prestigious companies such as Google and Amazon, so they know their stuff! Recruiters also receive a thorough analysis of candidates programming skills within the Geektastic platform.

Geektastic’s main purpose is to provide each developer that completes one of their code challenges a completely positive experience which also teaches them where they went wrong and where they went right, while also allowing them to explain why they chose the actions they took and their thought processes. The review team they make use of also provides test users with line by line comments and a completely detailed review on code challenge submissions so that even if they don’t land the job, they will take away from the experience positively and productively.

Unlike competitors, Geektastic knows that no two companies are the same and require different standards and other needs. Recruiters are given the option to pick and choose the specific parts of the Geektastic platform that they want/need to use. Recruiters can either choose pre-made challenges or create their very own and simply make use of the peer review team to review them, or if preferred, their own in-house team to do the evaluations.

To find out more about Geektastic’s Codility alternative, or just to find out more about Geektastic as a company, please see here:

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