Geektastic Code Challenges Change the Way Employers Test Candidates

Geektastic code challenges offer test candidates a more real-world approach to coding test taking with an unrivalled review process

Submitted resumes, LinkedIn profile’s and CVs only say so much about a person.

This is where take home code challenges come in handy and can take a variety of forms, they are there to test the ‘all round’ skills of a software developer. Take home code challenges can help employers with the hiring flow.

Geektastic offers more information about their platform and the benefits of using their pre-built take home coding challenges, or employers and users can build their own. Geektastic also provides the ability for users to review the code themselves or make use of their team of reviewers.

Some of the best take home coding challenges to be seen are the ones that engage the developer through testing their all round skills, as opposed to singling out a speciality area of programming. Usually, the more ‘real world’ a test is, the better they perform with developers. There are numerous examples available online.

Geektastic has been developed by developers, for developers. Taking the developers point of view into account, their code challenge review tool pushes analysis back to the candidates. This allows users to provide their testers with positive feedback and pin point where they did well, and where not so well. Nobody wants to spend hours on a coding challenge just to hear no response upon failure.

Geektastic removes any unconscious bias, all challenges are reviewed anonymously. This means the reviewer knows nothing about the person who has just taken the test when they review it.

The review team are also experienced developers themselves, with some working with the likes of Google and Amazon. Employers can make use of this expert review team who strive for consistency and high-quality, or review the entries themselves.

To find out more about Geektastic and the code challenges they have to offer through their platform, or employers can opt to build their own. Please visit their website, which can be found here:

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