Gauteng South Africa Smart Home Automation, Security and Loadshedding solutions

Smart Connexion Technologies partners with various smart technology suppliers to provide the right solutions and the product education for their customers.

A leading home automation and smart technology provider in Gauteng, South Africa, uses an online store and provide DIY training to deliver its variety of smart home items to residents throughout South Africa.

Smart Connexion Technologies provides simple and effective technological solutions for the home and business owners in Gauteng and the rest of South Africa.

Smart Connexion Technologies has a Smart Store page to help area residents know what they have to offer in the realm of smart technologies and more. Even better – they also show their clients how to install and / or use the products. For more information click through to

Their proudly South African online marketplace provides a one-stop, online shop for smart home automation, smart security, WiFi solutions, smart wearables, and a host of off-the grid solutions Their site makes it easy to order the smart technologies you require from the comfort and safety of your home or business 24/7.

Their smart technology options range from IoT and IIOT devices, electronic gadgets to various household goods.

In order to combat the increasing electricity supply shortage and loadshedding, they have various solutions to offer that includes:

· Load-shedding inverters

· UPS batteries

· Solar technologies

Visit their Smartstore to easily start your home automation with no hub required. For the new home automation customer, they propose you start with the WiFi smart plugs that allows you to remotely manage and control your appliances and monitor your home energy usage. It works like a power monitor. This allows you to keep track of up to 99% accurate real-time current, voltage and power usage on your app.

With the Pow R2 power monitoring switch, you can reduce your electricity bill. The timers schedule your appliances automatically by switching the power on and off at pre-defined times. The scene lets your appliances work together in new ways, for example using the setting ‘auto-off’ to switch the heater off automatically when the door light is off.

Next you can then add WiFi smart wall switches to your automation. It is as easy as simply tapping on your smart phone / tablet to turn the connected lights on/off from anywhere (office, coffee shop, restaurant) wherever you are. The Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration through your WiFi Smart Speaker allows you to turn your connected appliances on or off with a voice command. It also features sensitive touch buttons that are part of the simple and stylish switches to ensure a modern look and feel on any wall surface.

If you are concerned about power-hungry always on appliances adding to your electricity bill, the time schedule option is an excellent choice. Use the ‘Set’ option to easily switch your device on or off automatically.

Another useful smart device to save you power, is the Smart Geyser device. The Smart Geyser device gives you the control to save money by enabling remote access to your geyser via your smartphone. You can literally view and change the heating schedule and water temperatures straight from your smartphone. You will not only use electricity more efficiently, but also protect yourself from costly disasters like a burst geyser

For your Smart Security requirements you can add the following sensors:

· Motion sensor – to notify you when motion from people is detected

· Door/Window sensor – to notify any time something is opened, closed or left open.

· Water Leak sensor – it sends an alert to your cell phone when a water leak is detected.

· Gas leak sensor – that does real time monitoring gas safe usage.

The Smart Camera wireless solution allows you to monitor your home 24/7 to help you keep an eye from anywhere.

With the Smart door solution, you can lock or unlock your door, control keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes, all via your phone / tablet.

If you are tired of carrying different remotes, you can use the Garage door option where you can open / close the garage doors from anywhere by using the App on your phone.

Smart Connexion Technologies also suggest great WiFi solutions for all your devices The Google Nest mesh WiFi option is especially recommended. Browse through their wide range of routers and solutions that is on offer.

With their various suppliers, they offer competitive prices and friendly customer service. With years of experience in the technology niche, consumers can be assured of quality products at the right price.

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