Gauteng Google Ranking SEO Expert Guest Post Content Marketing Report Launched

A new guest post content marketing report has been launched by SEO expert Real & Works. It highlights how high authority site content posting can help to improve Google rankings and bring in more leads.

Real & Works, the Gauteng based SEO and digital marketing expert, has launched a new report on the power of guest post content creation. The report comes as the company has launched a new guest post service, which is geared towards helping clients build their brand awareness and improve Google ranking.

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The site explains that Real & Works is an SEO specialist that works with clients in any niche to help take their business to the next level. The team provides guidance on a range of subjects and services focusing on improving Google rankings.

Working with Real & Works, clients are able to reach more customers and drive more customers through their door to ultimately increase sales in an effective and targeted manner.

A full list of services is provided on the company website and includes article writing, press releases, brand marketing, video creation, back linking, on-page SEO, link boosting, directory listings, review management and a range of other solutions.

Now the team has launches a guest post service that aims to help clients in a number of ways. For example, it can help to establish them as experts in their field, improve brand awareness, and ultimately increase leads and sales.

The new report covers what guest posting is, how it can improve their Google standing, the importance of high authority domains, and how to get started with guest blogging.

It also covers three secrets to guest posting that can help clients to ensure success with their content marketing ventures. Readers will be better prepared to launch their own content marketing campaigns and use guest posting as a means to improving their Google ranking.

The report states: If you manage to get the interest of the readers on the site where you are guest blogging, they will naturally start flowing to your site to see what else you are writing about. When this takes off, other sections of your website will receive double or even triple the visitor count.

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