Gatwick Based Mobile Message Therapist Says Myofasia Release is Best Way to Treat the Body

Myofasia release is a proven, effective treatment for all kinds of conditions including: whiplash, scar tissue damage, depression and emotional conditions.

A Healing Touch are mobile massage specialists covering Surrey and West Sussex towns such as Brighton, Redhill and Reigate they have a clinic located near Gatwick Airport in Horley, Surrey. A Healing Touch is run by an experienced and fully qualified massage therapist, Tracy Greaves.

Tracy offers a fully mobile service covering Surrey and West Sussex and she is happy to treat clients either at their home or office, Tracy will travel up to 30 miles from her Surrey based clinic. Clients can book their massage treatment online via the website, or pay their Healing Touch therapist directly in cash.

Among the many treatments offered by A Healing Touch is myofasia release. A very gentle yet effective treatment, myofasia release has proven effective in the treatment of: muscle aches, muscle pains, whiplash, headaches, migraines, arthritis, scar tissue damage, depression, emotional conditions, poor circulation, anxiety, stress, insomnia, low immune system, IBS and other digestive disorders.

Myofasia is a dense, tough tissue which looks like a fishnet when examined under a microscope, it surrounds and covers all of the bodies muscles and bones. Myofasia can best be described as a complete body suit which runs from the top of the head down to the bottom of the toes, it is an outer covering that is very strong and very flexible, myofasia has a tensile strength of over 2000 pounds and connects all parts of the body.

Myofasia is a fibrous network of collagen and elastin and if this becomes restricted through not stretching it can become like glue and stick together which makes the mobility of the muscle not work correctly causing pain.

In its normal healthy state myofasia is relaxed and soft, physical trauma or inflammation can cause myofasia to lose its pliability. When it becomes tight and restricted it can be a source of tension throughout the rest of the body. Trauma such as a fall, whiplash and surgery can all cause tightness in this tissue so can longterm, habitually poor posture which has a cumulative effect over time, myofascial release can help reduce trauma.

A healing touch offers a mobile myofasia service within a 30 mile radius of Gatwick airport or at the Carlton clinic, Horley on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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