Gaston Cleveland Final Burial Expenses Insurance Report Online Guide Launched

Garret Durbin of the IIAI, an independent North Carolina insurance agency, launched a report aiming to help senior citizens choose the most appropriate final expenses insurance policy.

Garret Durbin, the owner of a local insurance agency which serves Gaston, Lincoln, Rutherford and Cleveland counties in North Carolina, launched a report describing the three basic types of burial expense insurance currently available on the market and the important differences between them.

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The burial expense insurance industry provides a wide variety of plans for different types of insurance needs. From companies offering simplified issues to the more complex modified issues, the complexity of the final expense insurance market makes the choice of insurance policy relatively difficult for the inexperienced.

Garret Durbin’s report aims to answer the question of how to research and choose the proper final expense insurance, offering the readers valuable information in an effort to help them choose the most appropriate insurance policy. The report is based on Mr. Durbin’s many years of experience working with different key insurance companies and clients.

Provided by the Independent Insurance Advisors, Incorporated (IIAI), the report is available completely free of charge. The short guide is specifically aimed at senior citizens looking to make an informed decision regarding their final expenses insurance.

In discussing the motivations behind writing this report, Mr. Durbin said: “I believe it is our mission to provide a complete representation of benefits and options for each form of insurance available for our clients. I am tired of seeing our older citizens making such important choices without a good understanding of all of the information about the different options available for this important decision”.

Garret Durbin is the owner of the Independent Insurance Advisors, Incorporated (IIAI), an independent insurance agency created in February 2013. IIAI provides a variety of insurance services including final expense, healthcare, life, long term, and secure retirement insurance policies.

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