Garrett Cassells Wins BIG with Victoria’s 7 Secrets - Play, Movie, TV Series

Garrett Cassells- Playwright & Producer- Victoria's 7 Secrets -Set to tour in 25 cities is also expected to be produced as a Movie or TV Series​ in 2017. He credits God, Faith and success with SEO by Nerds.

Playwright, Promoter, Producer -Garrett Cassells- wins BIG with Victoria’s 7 Secrets. This project started as an experimental project but is now positioned to tour in 21 cities and is in negotiations to be produced as a Movie or Television Series. This production brings awareness to mental disease in an unusual way.

He employs his talent as a playwright in writing, directing and producing Victoria’s 7 Secrets as a touring stage play. This production combines the seriousness of mental illness with the right blend of comedy and drama that will keep the crowd on edge of their seats. Garrett Cassells Victoria’s 7 Secrets, the inspirational stage play is a “guaranteed comedy” and “a nail-biting plot”.

This production features a shy little girl who survived an unspeakable childhood, who as an adult, experiences sudden and mysterious black-outs. What happens during these black-outs? Words can’t express.

This production is set to go on tour in 25 cities in 2016 and 2017. Many ask, how is this possible without investors or major sponsors? Garrett Cassells claims his ability to launch this tour comes from 3 basic factors: #1 Faith in God. #2 Believing in his passion. #3 A successful career in Atlanta as the #1 SEO guy at SEO by Nerds.

Mental illness is a global issue. However, the stigma, shame, and discrimination associated with mental illness have prevented many from bringing proper awareness to this issue until now. There’s a powerful social movement for change, with thousands of people taking the lead in their own communities and taking action (online and in person) to tackle this stigma. There are also hundreds of employers, schools, service providers, and media organizations now addressing this growing issue, and Garrett Cassells is proud to join the fight.

Even though Garrett Cassells is known as a creative playwright. He was able to finance his projects solo by building up a successful SEO agency. known professional as Atlanta’s #1 SEO Guy, #1 SEO Guy for Dentist and Lawyers, SEO #1 National Guy. He was able to not help many local companies rank on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing but follow his passion and finance his hobbies which is now positioned to gross millions nation wide.

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