Garrett Cassells, #1 Dental SEO Guy Gets 400+ New Dental Patients In 3 Months

Garrett Cassells, #1 Dental SEO Guy, reveals How a Start-Up Dental Practice Gets 400+ New Patients in Three Months. Here are 10 basic tips that were used and how any dental practice can do the same.

Garrett Cassells, nicknamed the #1 Dental SEO Guy, shares 10 tips how a start-up Dental Practice generated 400+ New Patients in Three Months.

Dr. Robinson with the Smile Company Dental Care was looking for an edge to help him launch his new dental practice.

With the right formula, Dr. Robinson’s practice grew from zero patients to more than 400 patients in less than three months.

Here are 10 basic tips that were used and how any dental practice can do the same.

Tip 1. Research local demographics and competitors

Launching a successful practice requires doing research. What zip codes have the best patients? Where are competitors marketing and what’s their SEO strategies?

Identify the best patient zip codes, marketing language, and SEO keywords that connect with the surrounding community. After proper research, a practice will be able to spend marketing dollars more effectively by targeting the right community with the right message.

Tip 2. Focus on local search engine optimization

One of the best ways to market a dental practice is with local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Combining local SEO with brand management and local PR works wonders. Another key factor in local SEO is building local business directories. When building business listings and citations, make sure testimonials are added. Doing so helps build online rankings, company brand, authority and reputation locally.

Tip 3. Develop an SEO- marketing plan for each dental specialty.

A potential customer who’s interested in services like Teeth Whiting or Braces or Veneers will use different search terms to find a solution for their problems. It’s very important to build individual pages for each service and develop an SEO/PPC strategy for each service page.

Tip 4. Combine SEO and PPC simultaneously.

PPC is used for immediate short-term results. SEO is used for long-term growth. PPC ads should focus on local keywords that specify key cities or zipcodes. E.g. ‘Root canal Brooklyn’ or ‘dental bridge 10014’. Effectively combining PPC and SEO ensures new patients can find the dental practice online today, tomorrow, and in years to come.

Tip 5. Facebook ads and Google reviews can increase website traffic aswell

Use Facebook ads to target local areas – send customers to an introductory offer on a squeeze page.

The next step is to encourage new patients to go to the company’s Google Places listing and give a review. 5 star reviews also help dental practices show up in the local search results.

Tip 6: Send postcards to prospective clients and run Groupon Promotions

Most dental practices have found huge success with sending postcards to new prospective clients. Target neighborhoods near the practice locations and send out well-designed/polished postcards with a special offer to get people to call. For every 5,000 postcards clients average of 35 phone calls, which leads to around 7 new patients. Also, Groupon promotions tied to teeth whiting, cleanings, and exams works great.

Tip 7. Use video marketing

Video marketing campaigns have been a huge hit. Videos should be boosted through Facebook with a strategic demographic plan. The cost to advertise an effective Facebook video campaign is only $25 each and the reach is usually in the thousands!

Tip 8. Start a customer loyalty program

Email patients regular dental tips and start a referral program that rewards patients using simple gifts like Starbucks gift-cards, movie tickets or restaurant gift vouchers. (Which are tax deductible.)

Tip 9: Start Blogging.

When blogging, use keywords in the blog post to show up in results for certain terms in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Then create links and social signals to the dental practice blogs.

Tip 10: Reputation Marketing.

Have a proactive strategy for reputation marketing and management. Also have a game plan in place to combat negative reviews, as it is impossible to make every customer happy. Start with consistently blogging and having a local bi-annual PR campaign.

In summary, it’s recommend combing different marketing tactics and tracking everything individually. In the words of Sun Tzu: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Last, Garrett Cassells strive to share valuable information with lawyers to further build his reputation as the #1 SEO Guy for dentist and dental practices. For a complimentary website marketing analysis visit or call SEO by Nerds/800.583.7431

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