Garden Knee Pads Made Of Neoprene Offer Dynamic Features

Palmate Gardening has released two facts about its Gardening Knee Pads. Further information can be found at

Palmate Gardening’s product designer and co-founder, Pete Bowes, has today discussed two often overlooked benefits about using a Neoprene Garden Knee Pad, which consumers and future customers within the home and garden space should find particularly interesting.

The two points of interest include the idea for creating these Neoprene Garden Knee Pads. It came about after spending too much time on his knees, which lead to long term problems. Kneeling on the uneven Floridian ground was where Pete spent most of his time, and by using a bulky knee pad or one made of slippery material, it became counter-productive and he would always just go bare-knee. The second was washability. The foam knee pads got wet and flaked apart. They needed a stronger, more durable material base, and neoprene had the best composition.

Neoprene knee pads had been in development for a year and had a team of three working on it, which is considered small by industry standards.

Palmate Gardening started it’s knee pad line when Pete Bowes noticed a growing need for non-slip knee pads that provide just the right amount of comfort to padding ratio for kneeling on uneven ground. Pete Bowes also recognized the need for knee support at a sub twenty-dollar price point. He decided to go ahead and start developing prototypes in Winter, 2013.

Pete Bowes is quoted saying: “This company likes to do things to connect with potential consumers. Things like the online store and blog, and releasing these little factoids even after Neoprene Garden Knee Pads hits the market are what make all the difference.”.

Palmate Gardening strives to do something different compared to other businesses in the Gardening space. The knee pads have been live on Amazon for their second season. To find out more, visit the Garden Knee Pad listing on Amazon. The most in depth customer review with images can be found here.

For more facts and further information about Palmate Gardening, they can be discovered at Palmate’s website.

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