Garden Designers And Architects, Contemporary Planters Launch November 2016

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Adam Christopher Design announced the upcoming availability of their new Contemporary Planter range, available around November 2016. More information can be found at

Designers and enthusiasts alike searching for the latest Contemporary Planters will soon be able to get their hands on AC’s 2016 range of planters by Adam Christopher Design. This morning Adam, designer and business owner of Adam Christopher Design released some details of the flower pot range.

Adam Christopher planters are designed to appeal specifically to Garden designers, architects and interior designers. Key design features include:

GRC Concrete Construction – To give the flower pots durability and commercial scope it was essential to use the right material. Concrete is a very fashionable and versatile material and over the years of working with it it fascinates Adam more and more. The quality of the material speaks for itself and that reflects in the planters being long lasting and tolerant to high traffic landscapes.

Contemporary Design – Having experience and passion in the design industry Adam wanted to create a product that was memorable and desirable so that designers and architects had a product that was different and striking to use in their proposals. ‘It is the hope that the product offerings are useful to designers of gardens and interiors and architects to add new focal points in their creations’.

For Use Indoors And Outdoors – For Adam Christopher Design making sure the planter range was capable of being implemented inside and outside was essential to them being a commercially viable flower pot. This means that their scope is not just limited to interior designers but also exterior garden designers and landscapers. It now means that Adam’s modern, geometric flower pots can bring a stylish twist to interiors and exteriors alike.

Adam, when asked about the latest iteration of his planters said:

“I love concrete and feel that I have challenged the large flower pot design and come up with something that is different and unique in its size, shape and material”

For Adam Christopher Design this is a new phase, going from making products in a shed to having a professional make them so they can bought to a wider audience.

More about Adam and Adam Christopher Design can be read and seen at his business website at

And to get a preview of the products available soon, the flower pot and planter range can be viewed here:…

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