Garden City Florist Hosting Special Event For Garden Enthusiasts

Treemendous Florists are hosting a free class for anyone in the Garden City NY area, and especially gardening enthusiasts. It will be fun and interactive, and will focus on creativity and bringing out the students inner artist.

Garden City Florist “Treemendous Florists by Flora Linda” has now been under new management for an impressive four years, and has even been called by some customers “the best florist in Nassau County.”

Four years in and Flora Linda, the owner at Treemendous, has decided to host a class for people who would like to learn about making flower arrangements, wreaths, and anything else related to floral design. According to her, the class will be “fun and interactive, with a focus on creativity as opposed to perfection. Beginners most definitely welcome!”

The class will be free, and if successful, Flora Linda has said she may decide to make it a monthly event, “to bring joy and a little art to the community.” The date of the event will be announced on their Facebook page.

While it may seem unusual to some, Treemendous Florists chooses to focus on helping people who love Mother Nature, and are captivated by what someone who cares for their craft can do as an artist. This allows them to create not only great arrangements, but very unique and personalized products for their customers.

According to William Watts, Regional Sales Manager for Solar City and longtime gardening enthusiast, Treemendous is the best florist I’ve ever been to, they really know their stuff.”

In 2011, after many successful years as one of Garden City’s best florist, Treemendous Florists changed hands and Flora Linda took over. When asked what separates her from her competition, she stated “While Treemendous Florist may not be the only business with this kind of offering, local residents are choosing Treemendous because customers are always guaranteed a smile, and because we are a family oriented business.”

Treemendous Florist has always made a point of standing out when compared to other Florists in the Garden City area. This class is just one of the many ways it does so. The date of the Treemendous Florists is located on 323 Nassau Blvd Garden City South, NY 11530. To contact, visit their website at, or call (516) 481-8733. Follow them on Facebook at

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